GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture and Tilco Ag Systems Merge to Increase and Improve Production

GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture, one of the fastest-growing precision planting manufacturers in Australia and Tilco Ag Systems, one of Australia’s leading tillage manufacturers, announced today that they will merge to broaden their extensive range of tillage and planting equipment.

This merger creates a group highly experienced in agricultural machinery manufacture, whose combined manufacturing resources and expertise offer farmers state of the art equipment, leading edge technology and customised solutions.

Tilco was founded in 2000 by Barry McFarlane and his family. Mr McFarlane has 40 years experience in agricultural machinery manufacture, Australia-wide. Tilco manufacture a complete range of tillage equipment including deep rippers, chisel ploughs, fertiliser bins and cultivators.

Tilco Managing Director Barry McFarlane said “this merger is a fantastic opportunity for two Toowoomba-based manufacturing companies to streamline production and broaden and advance our combined product range. The Tilco tillage products are an ideal integration into the Ground Breaker range.”

GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture and the manufacturing body, Toowoomba Engineering, have over 30 years experience in metal manufacturing and design. They manufacture a range of precision planters that are specifically designed for Australian farming conditions and leveraging the latest in precision planting technologies and variable rate controls.

Scott Farquharson, Managing Director of GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture said “with this merger, our company enters into a new level of manufacturing, offering a broad range of tillage and planting products for farmers. We can now offer a multitude of farming solutions to the Australian market and plan to broaden our product range to include deep zonal tillage systems.”

“Tilco is well known for product quality and customer service, and together with Ground Breaker Precision Agriculture, share common values and goals. The level of service that our customers enjoy will remain the same, as will general operations. What will change is our ability to offer a greater range of products and solutions to improve outcomes for farmers,” he said.

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