Working alongside farmers at the forefront of precision technology


GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture work alongside farmers to help them maximise their return on investment.  We invest heavily in research and development to stay at the forefront of agricultural precision technology, providing the most innovative and economic products for our customers.

With our experienced team of farmers, agronomists, engineers and research scientists, we work together to manufacture the most technologically-advanced, scientifically-innovative and quality precision planters, research planters and planting equipment. 

We manufacture innovative, technologically-advanced and quality agricultural machinery

We manufacture quality precision planters that allow farmers to maximise agronomic and economic gains by capitalising on genetic and technological improvements.  These precision planters are specifically designed for the conditions of Australian growing regions and apply the world’s leading precision technology.

Our planters are manufactured using the highest quality hydraulics, fittings, tubing, Orrcon steel and electronics.  

World leaders in precision planting technology, now and into the future


Agriculture is moving quickly into the digital age and as a manufacturer of quality precision planters, we strive to provide quality solutions accordingly.  

Farmers are now searching for machinery that will optimise the seeding and planting process, reduce costs and increase yield and crop quality. We rigorously test new technologies for precision, accuracy, durability and quality.  

Our Team

Nick Farquharson

Company Director

Started his career in landscape gardening over 20 years ago, Nick has continued to broaden his skills working in sheet metal, robotic welding and design work.  Nick is responsible for the management of production and manufacturing in the workshop.  

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Nicole Farquharson

HR Manager

Nicole looks after our Human Resource division, managing over 30 staff and trainees.  

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Andrew Farquharson

Agronomist and Company Director

Andrew has been a market leader in the agronomy industry for over 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the precision agriculture division, set up specifically to support the farming industry and develop the GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture brand.


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Scott Farquharson

Company Director

Scott leads the everyday business management with over 20 years senior management experience within the finance sector.  Specialising in business development, production optimisation and project management, he is predominantly involved in the precision agriculture division, GROUND BREAKER Precision Agriculture.


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Danny Weier

Precision Agriculture Specialist

Danny Weier has over 22 years experience in the agricultural technology industry working with clients throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States.  He aims to provide the most appropriate precision technology hardware and software for Australian farming systems, targeting improved yield, profitability and commodity management.  


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